The Only Cake Decorating Tools You Need, According to an Expert Baker


The Only Cake Decorating Tools You Need, According to an Expert Baker

“You can have excellent baking skills and still suck at frosting a cake, like me,” says Bon Appétit food editor and Cake Queen Shilpa Uskokovic. That’s because, while we might pull out the loaf pan for a humble tea cake on a random Tuesday, icing a cake is something most of us do only a few times a year. If, like Uskokovic, your decorating capabilities lag behind your baking ones, fear not: The right tools will help you maximize your potential. Here are all the cake decorating tools in our food stylists’ arsenal—and if you’re ready to get your practice in, may we recommend Uskokovic’s new crop of cakes for any occasion?

Rotating cake stand

Using a rotating cake stand or turntable allows you to spin the cake as you frost it, so you can easily smooth out any imperfections. This all-metal option from Ateco is Uskokovic’s favorite because it’s super sturdy and doubles as a display stand when the decorating is finished. “It has a charming industrial aesthetic that works in lots of different scenarios,” she says.

Offset spatulas

You can never have too many mini offset spatulas, says Uskokovic, who keeps three on deck at all times. They’re the tool of choice for creating both clean lines and dramatic whirls of frosting on everything from simple birthday cakes to tiered showstoppers. Pro tip: Use a mini offset spatula for decorating and a large one for transferring the cake from turntable to plate.

Parchment paper

If you want to avoid the upsetting situation in which chunks of cake get stuck to the bottom of the pan, parchment paper is key. But it’s also useful when frosting a cake. Tuck strips of paper underneath the perimeter of the cake before you slather buttercream on the sides. When you’re done, remove the paper, and you’ll be left with sharp edges and a clean cake stand.