About Us

When "Eating My Empire" re-propelled, we felt like nourishment media had turned out to be a lot of an exclusionary experience. It was constantly about watching other individuals — progressively capable individuals, honestly — make nourishment behind a counter. There was nothing about it that was welcoming … like a cool gourmet specialist gathering going on that standard individuals weren't welcomed to.

We needed to make a space that was for everybody — individuals who jumped at the chance to eat more than they really preferred to cook. We made a spot that was as much about delectable, simple plans as it was about nourishment as a fun way of life and social marvel. We produce almost 200 plans every month, but at the same time we're making recordings about our preferred brands, cafés, and stores, or famous people and their dietary patterns. In addition, we're tied in with recounting to the insane sustenance stories you won't discover anyplace else.

We have two test kitchens constantly blaring Drake, and we've turned a corner of the Hearst Tower into what feels like a food circus. Our meeting room, the Pizza Lounge, has more food beanbags than actual open floor space.

A typical day is chaos, but in the best way — we usually have two shoots going on in our kitchens and one person shooting out in the field. And believe us, when the food from the test kitchen shows up throughout the afternoon people attack it like vultures, and inevitably a debate will break out over the best Starburst colour … and we'll get totally derailed. We really do live and work by our ethos, "Come for the food, stay for the fun."